British Safety Council chief executive strengthens ties in India

6 Sep

Alex Botha with staff and apprentices at the Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, in Pune, India, where he presented certificates to six of 100 apprentices to successfully complete British Safety Council Entry Level health and safety training.

The British Safety Council’s chief executive Alex Botha has met some of the world’s most successful multinational businesses in India this week, including Tata Motors, Reliance Industries, ITC and Larsen and Toubro to build on our established strong relationships, develop further business opportunities and explore collaboration on CSR and public benefit projects.

The British Safety Council members in India have been notable over a number of years for their success in both the Sword of Honour and the International Safety Awards.

Alex said: “It is noteworthy that four of the five winners of the inaugural Globe of Honour in 2010 were ITC subsidiaries in India. We have 250 corporate members in India who have achieved 5 Star and OHSAS 18001 success and are leaders in the management of health and safety and the environment.

“A number, including Tata and Reliance, have comprehensive corporate social responsibility programmes which are integral to their business values and cover many issues, including education, health, sustainability, social inclusion and business development, apprenticeships and leadership.

“We are committed to working with our members in India and elsewhere to help improve the performance of their own organisations and share best practice internationally. Increasingly, our global reach and influence with some of the biggest enterprises in the world is becoming much more significant and our expertise respected and sought after.

“Our work with large multinationals increasingly mean we can collaborate in partnership to make a huge difference to the safety culture in countries where traditionally worker safety has been a low priority or no priority at all. In China and India there are significant safety issues to address but by using the example of their exceptional performers we can achieve notable improvements.

“Visionary Indian headquartered companies such as Tata, Reliance, Larsen and Toubro and ITC are leading the way in worker safety innovation and are working closely with us to raise standards across all of the sectors and territories in which they operate. Just these four companies represent market capitalisation well in excess of £100 billion. They occupy a powerful and hugely influential section of the global marketplace and channelling that pre-eminence into occupational health and safety and environmental and business sustainability can and will make a major difference in the workplace in all of the developed and many of the developing nations, territories, sectors and markets.

“I am convinced that together we are capable of going a long, long way towards achieving our vision that no one should be killed, injured or made ill by their work. It is an enormous challenge but one we can and must aim for if we are to embed within every company, business unit, manager and shop floor operative the belief that safety comes first. Behavioural changes are key to this and influencing the way people think and act is becoming the new business imperative.”

The British Safety Council operates in more than 50 countries serving 7,500 corporate members, offering a range of internationally validated audits, awards and qualifications aimed at raising standards.

One Response to “British Safety Council chief executive strengthens ties in India”

  1. Julie Nerney September 6, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    Great blog – good news story and brilliantly written. Keep up the good work!

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