British Safety Council submits further evidence to the Löfstedt review of health and safety legislation

2 Aug

Following the meeting in early July between Professor Ragnar Löfstedt and Lynda Armstrong our chair of trustees and Alex Botha our chief executive the British Safety Council took the opportunity to submit further evidence in response to issues discussed at that meeting.  Alex Botha wrote to the DWP review team providing further evidence on issues that go to the heart of health and safety legislation and regulation.  In his letter he set out that our recent survey of our members had revealed that six out of ten of our member organisations considered our present system of health and safety regulation “about right” while noting too that a third of our members, however, considered the system “too heavy”.

 Our chief executive set out our views on the role and contribution of external independent third party audit and the value and benefits it can bring.  We also highlighted those sectors where trade associations share information concerning health and safety management and performance data.  The business case for good health and safety also came up in the meeting between Professor Löfstedt and the British Safety Council.  We were able to identify in our further evidence the wealth of research undertaken both in Great Britain and the EU setting out the evidence of the business benefits of good health and safety and on the cost of workplace injuries and ill health occurrences.

Our contribution to supporting the entry level qualification in health and safety, made possible by the support of our members, and its importance in educating young people in risk awareness in preparation for going to work was also spelt out. As with our earlier evidence concerning the mass and complexity of two hundred sets of regulations we provided further evidence concerning the complexity surrounding the 55 sets of approved codes of practice currently in place. We recommended that work should be undertaken to explore the feasibility of rationalising codes of practice.

 The closing date for the submission of evidence has now passed.  We, like our members, await the outcome of the deliberations of independent review team with great interest.  The British Safety Council evidence will be available on our website towards the end of August.


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