Professor Löfstedt’s independent review

20 Apr

The government has today announced the terms of reference for Professor Löfstedt’s independent review of health and safety and the membership of the independent panel whose role is to “provide constructive challenges”. The aim of the review is to consider opportunities for reducing the burden of health and safety legislation on UK businesses while maintaining progress in improving health and safety outcomes. Full details of the terms of reference and membership can be found at

The task that has been set for Professor Löfstedt and his advisory panel is enormous. Despite the scope of the review of legislation being far narrower than earlier intimated – HSW Act and sixteen other pieces of primary legislation are out with the scope of the review – the task of reviewing 200 sets of secondary regulations and ACOPs to see what if any can be simplified, consolidated or abolished will require considerable resources, expertise and a cool head. Importantly the review has been asked to consider the link between these regulations and positive health and safety outcomes and further whether the law needs to be strengthened in respect of irresponsible employers. The British Safety Council has already written to Professor Löfstedt inviting to speak at our conference in London on 6 July, “The future landscape of health and safety”, and indicated that we and our members are keen to submit evidence. We look forward to hearing your views.

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