More than two thirds of members that responded support changes to RIDDOR

7 Apr

Our recent survey on the changes to the RIDDOR regulations received more than 1400 hits, and over 800 British Safety Council members completed the survey. The government is proposing to extend the amount of time before a workplace accident needs to be reported from three to seven days – the aim; to ease the administrative burden on employers.

More than two thirds (70%) of our respondents were in favour of this change. The most commonly cited advantages were that the proposed change would; reduce the administrative burden; allow more time for accident investigation; prevent the need to report an incident as a three-day reportable accident because it occurs before a weekend; bring reporting in line with the fit note requirement; and produce a more representative portrayal of the state of health and safety in the UK which is not obscured by trivial incidents.

Some concerns were also raised including that; employers might be inclined to treat health and safety less seriously; accidents will be less thoroughly investigated; and that national accident figures will be less accurate. But on the whole these views were in the minority.

More than two thirds of respondents did not believe that there would be any adverse consequences from the loss of national data. However, only half of respondents felt that the proposed change would reduce the level of underreporting (currently estimated at 50%).

We will shortly be communicating these members’ views to the government in our consultation response.


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