International Safety Awards deadline fast approaching

22 Mar

Organisations that wish to apply for an International Safety Award from the British Safety Council have just days left to submit their applications before the 31 March deadline, but it seems the process of applying is itself bringing health and safety benefits to the companies concerned.

To apply for an International Safety Award, organisations must complete a stringent application form which asks challenging questions about what the business is doing ‘on the ground’ to maintain high standards of health and safety. This means organisations must really examine and review their safety procedures when applying, a process which can prove beneficial in other ways, according to one applicant, housebuilder Croudace Homes Ltd from the south east of England.

Croudace’s health and safety manager Matthew Stubblefield says: “We have found the new application format to be very useful from an in-house perspective, and it will be utilised as a reference document for various future initiatives – for example, inductions of new managers.

“It has also provided us with the perfect opportunity for cataloguing all the good work we do, with regards to the management of health and safety at Croudace Homes.”

The company is now awaiting the result of its application from the independent adjudicators, but for those organisations still thinking of entering, remember you only have until next Thursday (31 March) to submit your completed application.

More details can be found at:, or you can call the Awards Team direct on +44 (0)20 8741 1231 for further advice.


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