All’s well at Inmarsat

24 Nov

When one of our members invited me to their wellness day, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it would just involve one of those super-fit health experts telling me to eat healthily, drink less wine and do more exercise. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Satellite service provider Inmarsat holds a wellness day every year, with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle to its 400-strong workforce. It is clear the company looks after its staff all year round – there is an in-house catering team who make lunches to order, as well as a fully-fitted gym on site and daily activity classes such as yoga and kickboxing – but the wellness day is a chance to bring it all together.

When I walk into the cafeteria area, where the event is being held, the first thing that catches my eye is a table full of colourful fruit and veg. There’s an array of fresh produce – from aubergines to sweet potatoes, bunches of grapes to juicy plums – I feel healthy just looking at it!

This table proves popular with staff who are able to help themselves – it’s like healthy pic‘n’mix! There’s a hive of activity as people jostle to grab the biggest cauliflower or the longest cucumber. I see one lady walk out with a bag full to the brim and a butternut squash tucked under her arm!

External companies have also been brought in to offer special services to Inmarsat staff. AXA PPP health insurance, for example,  are there to provide advice and give away free stress balls, Fitness First have special offers on membership, while Hodd, Barnes and Dickens are offering free eye tests.

As well as the health side, there is also the beauty side. Clarins and the Body Shop have been brought in to provide one-to-one consultations on skincare. There’s also the chance to pick up some free samples.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, there’s a relaxation room where staff are treated to massages. As I walk in, a lady is lying face down on a massage table while being given a shoulder and back massage. Across the room, a man in a shirt and tie is having his feet massaged. These lucky members of staff managed to book an appointment prior to the event, but every 20-minute slot has been filled so unfortunately there’s no time for me to be pampered.

Lloydeth Newell is health and safety manager at Inmarsat and she, with the help of her team of Burdy Murray and Vicky Rose, have organised the day. And it’s fair to say the event is a success. As I put my coat on to leave, all that remains of the fruit and veg table is one red onion and a few carrots. And as I walk out of the building, I pass a number of employees looking remarkably healthy and relaxed as they head back to work. Not a bad day at the office.

Read more about Inmarsat’s wellness programme in the December issue of Safety Management.

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